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      How long will it take for me to get my package?

      Most packages will arrive about 2-3 weeks after being shipped; however when shipping to countries outside the US, some packages may be take an additional 2 to 3 weeks or be delayed / held in customs, and therefore beyond our control.


      Can I get it any sooner?

      If you need something sooner, please reach out to us at In rare instances we may be able to add courier shipping for an extra cost, and we'd be happy to let you know if this is possible and how much it will cost. 


      Does the 2 to 4 weeks include processing time?

      Please note that the processing time is not included in the shipping time. The total time it will take to receive your order is the processing time + the shipping time.


      How close to Christmas can I order and still get the item in time?

      We recommend ordering as early in the season as possible, at around 6 weeks from Christmas, to allow room for the unexpected, such as customs and border delays.


      Are import duties, taxes, and brokerage fees included in the shipping cost?

      Import duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are not included in the product price or shipping cost. If your country requires it, these fees will be collected upon delivery from the carriers for certain packages. These charges are recipient's responsibility to pay.